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It is critical to understand the food needs of a 6+ months old babies. The texture, consistency, and taste matters a lot because it is the first time they are getting acquaint to food. As the saying goes” First impression is the last impression”. However, nowadays we are feeding stored food to our little ones because we lack time to blend food at home because it is too much hassle. However, while buying the commercial baby food from stores, we are not sure about the quality and the preservative used to store them. Thus parents are looking for easy options with less hassles to blend food at home where they are sure about the ingredients and the quality. There is so much satisfaction when you are sure that you are nourishing your baby properly. Thus to cater the need of the young babies, Magic Bullet came out with Baby Bullet. It is build to suit the need of the babies. It is the mini version of Magic Bullet. You can make nutritious and healthy baby food in seconds.


It has a power base of 200-watts. The Baby Bullet has capabilities such as blend, chop, grind, mill, same as other Bullets. Just it is designed for the babies.

The noise of the baby bullet does not bother much.

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  • Ease of Use: For babies, the texture and consistency is most important. The Baby Bullet comes in Batch Bowl and Short cups; it is your choice what kind of serving you want to prepare. If you want to make a four-day serving, then you can use a batch bowl to blend the food and store in Date-dial Storage cup and refrigerate it for future uses. If you want to make a single serving, then you can use a short cup to prepare food.
    Baby Bullet comes with blending blade and milling blade. Depending upon your requirement you can use either of them.
  • How to Use: With babies around, you don’t want to spend much time in preparing food. Baby Bullet comes very handily; you can make fantastic food within seconds. Just twist the blending blade to the batch bowl and put the ingredients and put it on the power base and push. The Same process is applicable when you are using a short cup to blend. You can feed the baby directly from the short cup. For blending, everything other than soft food need to be steamed such as vegetables. The steamer comes as a separate accessory. The other accessories are spatula, lids, and tray. Steam the veggies, pour into the cup, and blend. Baby food is ready in seconds.
  • Multitasking: Baby Bullet power is less, if you blend solid or hard food, you will find food chunks. The consistency will be compromised. This blender may not be great in multi-tasking. The Baby Bullet can be used to blend, grind, and chop, soft food. If you are looking for multi-tasking then, you need high wattage output Blender. In that case, you can look for Nutribullet Rx, which is the multi-serve and muti task blender. It does not only make purees, smoothies but hot soups too.
  • Ease of Clean: It is a big job to feed the babies and even bigger to clean a lot of dishes. Baby Bullet is easy to clean. The cups are dishwasher safe. The blade can be washed with mild soap and base can be cloth wiped.


  • Technology: The Baby Bullet uses the same technology like Nutribullet 600 and Magic bullet. The cyclonic cutting zone process helps to blend the food fast. The Baby Bullet cups are shaped like Bullet that helps the cyclonic zone process to work better, and the blending blades break down the food in a way that you get absolute consistency.
  • Leak Proofing & Marking: There is no max line on the cups. Try not to overload the cups, use your instincts. If you overload cup, the food tends to spill out through blades.
  • Material: They are not made of glass, so no breaking in case the cups slips from your hand. The jars are made of plastic, which is BPA free. However, the material of plastic is not great.

Value for money:

The Baby Bullet cost you around $60. It is specially designed for babies. The price is good compared to features Baby Bullet offers.


Baby Bullet Specifications

Baby Bullet
Wattage Output
200 Watt
Number of Speeds
Maximum Capacity
32 oz
Appliance CapabilitiesShredder, Blends, Grinds, Mill (Baby Food)
1 year (Additional 4 years warranty for $9.99)
BPA (Bisphenol A)
In the Box
20 Piece set
1 High-torque Power Base
1 Baby Blend Blade
1 Milling Blade
3-Piece Batchbowl
1 Short Cup
1 Spatula
1 Batch Tray with 1 Lid
6 Date-dial Storage Cups
1 Stay-fresh Resealable Lid
1 Storage Tray
User Manual & Cookbook
Pocket Nutritionist
CostCheck Price

The following accessories can be bought separately. BabyBullet accessories

  • The Baby Bullet to go Bag
  • Turbo steamer
  • Storage System Completer Kit


The Baby Bullet is exclusively for babies food. You cannot use it for other heavy load food preparation. If you are not particular about the Date-Dial Storage and other accessories, then the same thing can be accomplished by Magic Bullet which is 250-watt. Or you can compare all the available Bullet models in Bullet series, Magic Bullet and Nutribullet. Also, you can check Nutri Ninja bullet blenders brand. All brands have high capabilities. However, if you want something very specific to your baby then go for it.

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  1. Leandra

    Horrible! Got 3 blades, due to leakage, it always smells like burnt rubber/ plastic. Last time I used, smoked, the blades got stuck and it melt the plastic part. Called costumer service and no much help offered other than sending me every time a new blade. My two other friends have baby bullet as well, and both have the same problems: leakage, burnt smell…
    For sure, this product needs to be revised.


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