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Magic Bullet infomercials are great, whenever I see them, I am tempted to buy Magic Bullet. It is one of the initial blenders in Bullet series. It comes with resealable lids that keep shakes, purees fresh for a long time. Also, On-the-Go cups comes very handy to enjoy milkshakes and protein shakes while you are on the go.


It has torque power base of 250-watts and have RPM of 2,000. With Magic Bullet, you can chop, mix, blend, whip and grind all in 10 seconds or less. It is an excellent way to make a fast and tasty meal. The performance of Magic Bullet is low compared to other models in the market because of its very low torque power. Thus it does not provide great multitasking experience. The Nutribullet that came out after Magic Bullet has higher torque power. Other then Bullets, there are some other brands with same or less wattage. if you are interested only in smoothies and does not care about multitasking and looking at the price around $40 then Hamilton Beach Personal Blender or Oster My Blends are good .

The noise of the Magic Bullet is low compared to other high-end blenders.

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  • Ease of Use: Food can be blended directly into the serving cup. These cups can be used for drinking purposes too. Fruits and Vegetables smoothies and shakes can be blend, served and stored in the same jar. You need not pour food from the blender jars into any other container thus fewer containers to wash or clean. It comes with comfort lip rings for the ease of drinking. In Magic Bullet, the blade is attached to a lid, not to jar. Magic Bullet comes with a lot of jars and colorful lip rings. Thus, making life hassle free.
  • How to Use: Using Magic Bullet is not rocket science. Load all the ingredients into the jar of your choice. For making smoothies use “Cross Blade” and for milling or grinding use a “Flat Blade”. Twist the blade to the jar, place the jar onto the base. In Pulse setting, a jar cannot be locked to the base; it needs to be held. For hands-free operation, secure the jar to the base by turning it in the clockwise direction.
  • Multitasking: The Magic Bullet can be used for multitasking. The horsepower of this bullet is very less so don’t expect great results while making smoothies from leafy vegetables. It can be used to make purees and grind spices, but again it lacks smoothness and consistency. If you are looking for great multitasking and smooth smoothies, then you can look for Nutribullet Rx.
  • Ease of Clean: The jars are wider on the top. The blade is not attached to base, it is separate. Thus, easy to wash both of them. They are dishwasher safe, only top shelf. Base can be cloth wiped.


  • Technology: The Magic Bullet uses “Cyclonic Cutting Zone” process. The design of the cup is in bullet shaped that helps to circulate the food into the cyclonic zone and specially designed blade break down the food into more digestive form virtually in 10 seconds.
  • Leak Proofing: Some users complain about leakage. It may happen because the lid might not be placed properly, or the jar is overloaded. Also, the quality of the blade is not great it tends to get loose over time causing leaking issues.
  • Markings: The old Magic Bullet model jars did not have markings. However, the new Magic Bullet jars have markings on them to avoid overloading, thus preventing leakage and spilling.
  • Material: BPA free plastic jars. Microwave safe.

Value for money:

The cost of Magic Bullet is very reasonable. Keep in mind that the lifespan of Magic Bullet is not long. You get what you paid.


1 Year

In the Box

Magic Bullet (17 Pieces)

  • 1 Motor Base
  • 1 18-oz tall jar
  • 1 12-oz short jar
  • 4 party mugs
  • 4 colored lip rings
  • 1 Cross blade
  • 1 Flat blade
  • 2 shaker/steamer top
  • 2 stay-fresh resealable lids
  • 1 Magic Bullet 10 second Recipe Book

Magic Bullet Accessories can be bought separately. In some stores, you might find 17 Piece or 26 Piece bundles, these bundles have additional accessories.
One such bundle would be 25 pieces with bonus ice shaver blade (26 PC bundle).


Because of the low torque power, the consistency of smoothies is not great in Magic Bullet. For simple recipes, it might take more time compared to Nutribullet 600. If you want to make green smoothies in Magic Bullet, you might find lot of lumps. The strawberries, kale, and raspberries seeds do not blend very well. However, it is good for milkshakes. It can chop, grind, shred the small amount of food, again depends on the type of food. You can read the reviews of Nutribullet Pro 900 Series and Nutri Ninja Pro Blender BL450 before making any decision.


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