Nutribullet Rx Reviews and Ratings

The latest revolutionary product in bullet series is Nutribullet Rx. It was released around Oct 2014. With high torque power and increased RPM, this personal blender makes not only amazing healthy smoothies but also make sumptuous hot soups. It outperform other bullet models such as Magic Bullet, Original Nutribullet with 600 watt and Nutribullet Pro in every aspect of blending. It breaks down the plants to easily digestible state using hands-free SMART Technology. Contrary to its predecessors this is multi-serve with much bigger jars.


The plus point of this model is its torque power; it beats all the previous models. It is 2.3 horsepower with 1700-watts of power base that can churn or shred any vegetables, fruits seeds and grains in a matter of seconds.

The noise is loud like a beast mainly because of its high power.

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  • Ease of Use: The usability is similar to other bullets. To blend, attach the lid to the jar and turn it 180 degrees into the base. Also, it comes with comfort lip ring to drink directly from the jar. The highlight of the Nutribullet Rx is its soup-making mode. It is like drinking hot soup and cold smoothies from one appliance.
    The jars and blades of the Nutribullet Rx are not compatible with other models because of its size.
  • How to Use: Nutribullet Rx has one speed setting for blending and a separate G button for heating purposes. Depending upon the ingredients, choose the jar size. The SMART Technology extract the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the drink directly from the blender jar, by removing the blade lid. It is not required to pour smoothies or soup in another container thus fewer dishes to wash making life quite easy.
  • Multitasking: It is good for shred, blend, grind and chop. The additional feature of Nutri Bullet Rx is the Soup-making mode which makes it stand out compared to other models. With the 2.3 horsepower, it can perform any other tasks smoothly. It has oversized jars which can aid in blending lot of ingredients. The consistency is better in every aspect compared to other models.
  • Ease of Clean: The jars have a wide mouth, and the blades are large too. They all are dishwasher safe, recommended to use dishwasher’s top shelf. The base of Nutri Bullet Rx can be wiped cleaned with cloth.


  • Technology: Nutribullet Rx comes with the SMART technology that knows exactly how much to churn and how long to churn. Once you fixed jar to the base, the churning starts automatically. It turns exactly at the right speed, slowing down at right time to extract 95% of proper nutrition.
  • Soup-making mode: when you press the G button located in the front of the appliance, the base will activate the heating mode. It has 7 minutes heating cycle that creates fresh hot beverages. Within the cycle, it will slow down a couple of time that helps ingredients to settle. Thus, manual intervention is not required.
  • Leak Proofing: The blades looks more sturdy compared to Model 900. Similar to Pro model, it has all the measures in place to stop leakages.
  • Markings: There is max line indication on the jars. It prevents any overloading of ingredients in the jar. However, exercise precautions, listen to instinct when loading ingredients into jars.
  • Material: BPA Free Plastic and Microwave safe.
  • Replaceable Blades: It comes with a blade removal tool, using this the blade can be removed that can be helpful in cleaning and also in replacing. Older models did not have the capability to replace the blades. Many people faced loose rubber issue if they did not use blade removal tool for detaching the blade.

Value for money:

The cost is on the higher side when compared to other bullet models available in the market. You are mainly paying extra for the power, capacity and soup mode. Compare the price of all the three models (Nutribullet, Nutribullet Pro and Nutribullet RX).


1 Year

In the Box – Nutribullet Rx (10 Pieces)

  • 1 High Torque Motor Base
  • 1 45 oz oversized Jar with Handle
  • 1 30 oz short Jar with Handle
  • 1 SouperBlast Pitcher with 2 -piece Lid
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Comfort Lip Rings
  • 1 stay-fresh Lids
  • 1 Lip Ring without Handle
  • 1 Blade removal tool
  • 1 User Guide
  • 1 Nature prescription Book containing Recipes


It is the most technically advanced bullet available in the market. With its SMART technology, it provides a new experience of blending. The Soup-making mode is the new feature that only comes with this model. The multitasking is amazing. The cost is higher than the others, but it is worth of all the technology and satisfaction you get when you drink almost liquefied smoothies and a hot cup of soup or coffee. If you are looking for Soup making or bigger jars (multi-serve), then Rx would be the way to go.


  1. Keith Willoughby

    How do I get extended warranty I don’t understand due to me having learning difficulty

  2. Linda Sacco

    Has the issue with the gasket coming off and being pulverized in the beverage been addressed?
    Please advise.
    Thank you!

  3. Cecile

    Great article but it didn’t have evgnethiry-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

  4. Linda Gentry

    How do I get a new rubber gasket. I had to put mine back on a couple of times during use. However the last time I looked up and it was being pulverized with my veggies. I now have an expensive machine that is not usable.

    • Tony

      Hi Linda Gentry

      if you haven’t found out by now or have already replaced the O’ring seal. Due too the number of Issues Nutribullet has redesigned the base extractor blades where the O’ring seal sits its now sealed so its now its one piece contact Nutribullet the distributor and they can advise you about it and send the redesigned version

      • Caroline

        How can I find out if I am buying with the new design or not?

  5. Bronwyn Robinson

    Yes what’s the batch number for the up graded version? Or year and month please


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