Nutribullet Pro 900 Reviews and Ratings

Nutribullet Pro is a single serve blender. It belongs to Bullet category that allows you to shred, blend, grind and chop. It is the mid-range model, released in Nov 2013, almost a year after the initial launch of Nutribullet. Pro is powerful, have more capacity and includes improvements compared to Nutribullet 600 and Magic Bullet. The company took the feedback from the initial launch and fixed few issues in the new model. However, these fixes come with an additional cost. I feel it’s worth small increase in the price.


It has a powerful high torque base with 900-watts and 25000 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). The powerful base provides consistent smoothies very quickly. Though it has higher power compared to the earlier model, the power is much lesser compared to its newest model Nutribullet Rx 1700 watt model.

The Noise level is comparable to other bullet blenders.

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  • Ease of Use: All the jars have the same circumference so that the lid can be used interchangeably. The blade is attached to the lid; this blade is called as extractor blade. Pro comes with one extractor blade that can be fitted to any of the jars. After blending, the blade can be removed, and lid can be fitted to store food. It comes with comfort lip ring that can be fitted to the jar and you can drink from the jar directly. Thus, avoiding the hassle of pouring into other containers.
  • How to Use: It has a single speed setting. The focus is on simplicity than providing more settings. The buttonless usage is very straightforward. You just need to push down the jar into the base and twist for operating the device. Once you are done, twist the jar again in a reverse direction to stop the operation.
  • Multitasking: This device can be used to shred, chop, grind and blend. It lacks settings that other large blenders or food processors provide. If you want to chop or, shred large amount than better to use a food processor. Also, it’s a blender and not a juicer. Thus, it doesn’t work very well to extract juices. Overall, it scores low on Multitasking.
  • Ease of Clean: The jars and lids are dishwasher safe. Recommended to put in the top shelf of the dishwasher. They are small with wide mouth thus no issues in cleaning them. The power base is an electric device with a motor; you can wipe it with a cloth. It’s better to hand wash the blades.


  • Technology: Overall, it has sleek and compact design. The blenders work on extractor technology that uses a 900-watts motor with cyclonic action and uses patented extractor blades. This technology breaks down the raw vegetables and fruits and pulverizes the stems and skins.
  • Leak Proofing: In the original Nutribullet, few users complained about leakage. The company improved the design in Nutribullet Pro series, to avoid any spilling and leakage. The blades are much more reinforced thus prevent any liquid to pour out of the blade assembly. Also, a steel layer is fixed to the other side of the blade, to avoid any leakage into the motor. Even the lids are redesigned in a way that it tighten up properly thus avoiding leaks from lids.
  • Markings:The Primary reason for leakage is overloading. Nutribullet Pro comes with max line that helps not to overload the jars.
  • Material: Similar to its predecessors the jars and lids are made up of BPA free plastic and are microwave safe.

Value for money:

The cost for this blender seems reasonable. The lifespan is not long. Other blenders such as Vitamix, Blendtec are kind of for life.


1 Year

In the Box

Nutribullet Pro (15 Piece Set)

  • 1 Power Base of 900W
  • 1 Extractor Blades
  • 1 Flip Top to go Lid
  • 1 32 oz Jar
  • 2 24 oz Jar
  • 1 18 oz Jar
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Manual/Cook book
  • 1 Pocket Guide containing glossary of few ingredients, detailing their nutritional content, health benefits, seasonality, and preparation requirements.
  • 1 Recipe Book

Nutribullet accessories can be bought separately. Most of the accessories are compatible for both 600 and 900 model. However they are not compatible with Nutribullet Rx.


I would consider Nutribullet Pro as a good midpoint between Original Nutribullet and Nutribullet Rx. The competitor to Nutribullet is Nutri Ninja professional blender BL450/451/455 . Ninja has same features and power, it comes with fewer jars. Overall, Nutribullet makes smoothies, chop and grind with good consistency, and it is worth each penny spent.

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    where can i buy nutri ninja pro model bl450-30 rubber seals i am in perth WA thank you


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