Oster MyBlend Reviews and Ratings

Oster My Blend- Blender is a personal blender comes in a variety of colors such as Blue, Green, and Pink. You can choose the color you like, and the price is same for all the colors. This blender is to fill items, blend and go. Those who want to have their smoothies on the go or having big multi-serve blenders and looking for small compact personal blenders, then they can look for Oster Personal Blender.


It has 250-watt motor similar to Magic Bullet, with one jar and one lid with a carrying hook for to go.
The noise is marginal. Not like other high power blenders.

Reviewed by ; Updated on October 29, 2018


  • Ease of Use: This is the compact blender, which uses minimum space on your Counter top. The Oster Personal Blender comes with the stylish 20 oz sports jar that works as a mixing jar too. It comes with the detachable blade. After the blending is done remove the blade, put the lid, and you are ready to go. You can blend good amount of ingredients in the jar. The motor power is 250-watt, which is sufficient for proper blending. However, it is not enough if you want to blend raw vegetables. The consistency will not be great, and you can find chunks of vegetables in the smoothies. To get good consistency lot of pulsating is required. If you are looking for making more than just smoothies, then this blender is not enough. You can go for Nutribullet Pro or Nutri Ninja.
  • How to Use: It is very simple to use Oster personal blender. Place the bottle on the flat surface with the open end facing up. Put all the ingredients you desire to make smoothies. Fasten the blade onto the open end and turn bottle 180 degrees and put down into the blender base.The Oster works on single touch operation. You can either begin blending by holding the bottle over the blender or lock the bottle in the clockwise direction onto the base for the hands-free operation. Blending will stop if you remove the hand or unlock the bottle from the base.

    Once the blending done, remove the blade, put the lid. You are ready to drink. Once done drinking the smoothies, you can reuse the bottle to fill any other beverages.

    You will get best consistency in the following order:

    • Any type of liquids
    • Fresh ingredients
    • Frozen fruit
    • Yogurt and ice cream
  • Multitasking: The bottle of the Oster Personal Blender is designed more for smoothies. Though the motor capacity will allow multi-tasking like shred, chop. I don’t think so you want to do theses task in that bottle. A lot of people look for multi-tasking blender that can be used to make smoothies, purees, ketchup then you will find Nutribullet Rx very useful.
  • Ease of Clean: The Oster Personal Blender is super easy to clean. The plastic bottle that double as water bottle too is easy to clean. Just add some drops of detergent and rinse. To clean the bottom of the bottle, use the brush. Same thing will apply to lid and the blade assembly. The bottle is dishwasher safe.


  • Leak Proofing and Marking:It has a marking of 20oz mark which is the fill line. Try not to fill beyond that mark otherwise there will be chances of leaking.
  • Material: The bottle and the lid is made of plastic. The lid doesn’t have any rubber gasket for firm tightening.

Value for money:

The Product is stylish and cheap. You will not find anything under this range so elegant. However, this is limited to smoothies. Though you can make a sauce and puree the bottle design does not support that.

Oster My Blend specification

Wattage Output
250 Watt
Number of Speeds
Maximum Capacity
20 oz
Appliance CapabilitiesBlend
1 year
BPA (Bisphenol A)
In the Box
4 Piece set
1 Blender Base
1 Blade Assembly
1 Lid
CostCheck Price


The Product is good, but it is only for smoothies. For same wattage power, Magic Bullet does a good job. It grind, chop, shred and make smoothies. It comes with a lot of jars and lids. However, it cost you few more dollars compared to Oster Blenders. One thing is clear if you want to have smoothies on the go with elegance, Oster Blenders is your bet.

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